NIL STUDIO is comprised of the design team of Harry Cushing and Juliana Merz. Harry began his career as a portrait and fashion photographer. Through a turn of events, this lead to 15 years in the world of home furnishings textiles where he held a number of posts. Ultimately, he ran the venerable firm of Clarence House. The pursuit of a more comprehensive personal vision led to work for several design firms, large and small and resulted in the formation of Harry Cushing & Company in early 2007. The firm’s design approach has evolved in collaboration with Juliana Merz who is a fine arts painter. Juliana has been involved in the world of interior design over the years through decorative painting commissions and her own design projects. The company changed its name to nil studio at the begining of 2010.

The team's approach to design has been described as ‘organic…simple, very livable, real, with a variety of textures, and an intriguing color palette using a combination of materials. It is not defined by any particular style but a specific sensibility.’